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Affirmation:  (1) I live large.  I live in abundance.  (2) I attract financial prosperity
A few years ago, my husband and I went to visit friends in Florida.  It was a cold, brutal winter here in North Carolina and we were very ready for some warm weather.  We haven’t spent a great deal of time in Florida but from our time there, we had decided it was not the place we wanted to live.  We’d heard all the jokes about the retirees down there and to be honest, I think we began to believe the jokes reflected what life was really like there.  In fact, we had been told Florida was “God’s waiting room.”  And, we believed that too.  But, we weren’t  going there to live, just to visit and it was a gracious and lovely invitation and so we flew down. 
We have reached the point in our lives where we keep talking about “downsizing.”  In fact, we had recently sold our family home and moved into a smaller, although not small by many standards, house.  I was still reeling from the sale.  I loved our family home.  I loved all the memories and the light and it was so very very hard for me to give it up.  Now, the conversation always seemed to be about trimming down, cutting back.  I know, I know, it’s important to be fiscally responsible and sometimes we are simply faced with limited means and we do what we must but there’s a part of me that thinks once you begin to think small, begin to see things as limited, the universe responds by limiting.  I believe if we think large, think in terms of abundance, the universe responds with abundance.  I know nothing may really change except our perception but isn’t that what life actually is; how we perceive it?
 So, we headed off to “God’s waiting room” for our visit.  We arrived at our friend’s home and my first thought was, “They have not downsized.”  They are older than we and have faced some very difficult health challenges but their home was very large, with a pool.  It was well laid out, all on one floor and convenient for them and for having guests.  After a several days with them, watching their lifestyle and their zest, I realized, once again, I had misjudged.  I’m sure there are people in Florida who are close to death, just as there are anywhere, but the people I was visiting, weren’t waiting for anyone, especially not for the Angel of Death.  They had embraced life with a joy that was contagious.  They played hard, they volunteered hard, they had dozens of friends and associates that they kept connected to.  We were treated royally.  And, I knew that I wasn’t going to think in terms of my life coming to a close, of hoarding or limits.  And so, I decided to “live large, to live in abundance” and to believe that “I attract financial prosperity.”  And so far, so good!
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