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Affirmation: I am audacious.  I believe I have special gifts to share with the world.  I say “Yes, I Can.”
The first time the word audacious became part of my awareness was when I studied Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way.  She talks about how sometimes the only difference between a successful something and an unsuccessful something is all about how audacious the creator is.  Right after that chapter, I remember happening upon an art exhibit all made out of human hair.  It was a gallery exhibit, a private exhibition!  I found it repulsive but someone had decided it was art and had sponsored this artist.  That’s when I fully realized what it meant to be audacious.  Oh, it doesn’t have to be art.  It can simply be about life: taking a chance, stepping outside of our comfort zone.  I’m sure you have examples that come to mind.  How about some actors, comediennes or singers?  What about some of our politicians?  Oh, yea, audacious. 
So, it’s easy for me to stay small.  It’s easy to believe I’m just another human on this planet of billions but that doesn’t do anything for me or for anyone else.  There’s a wonderful poem by Marianne Williamson, called “Our Deepest Fear” about letting our light shine.  She says if we hide it, it helps no one and “if we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”
So, I decided to be audacious.  I am sure several in my circle would tell you it didn’t take much to push me to that place, but the truth is, it took a conscious decision.  I am getting older.  Life is going faster.  I don’t want to die or be dying and have too many regrets.  If I tell myself, I am audacious, I will try things I don’t believe I can do.  I will make life a great adventure, instead of letting it be mundane.  Yes, I Can.  Yes, I Will.  How about you?  Anything you’ve thought about putting out into the world?  Go for it!  Yes, You Can!

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