Jean Anne Costa
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Your Best Life

Affirmation:  My life is Joy filled, Miracles occur, Love surrounds me and permeates every aspect of my existence.
I know that there have been times in my life, that when asked how I envision my best life, it would have revolved around my body shape, how much money I had and if I had a place at the beach!  Oh, I can still obsess over my body, not so much what the shape is any longer, but how it’s feeling from day to day.  I can still be concerned about my income and my outgo and, I love to be at the beach.  But, when I take the time to notice what truly makes my life richer, it has nothing to do with things.  It’s all about inner peace and happiness.  It’s all about my spirit.  How I feel about what’s happening to me, not about what’s taking place.  There will always be challenges in our lives, for as long as we live but how we perceive those challenges is what really matters. 
I’m reading Joyce Meyer’s book about Power Thoughts.  She has a great story about two young men who head out to capture wolves.  They can get $500 for each wolf they bring back alive.  They don’t find any and fall asleep.  When they awaken, they are surrounded by a pack of hungry, drooling wolves.  One of the young men says to the other “Hey, wake up, we’re rich!”  It made me smile.  Oh sure, he was probably eaten along with his friend but I’d like to think he died happy. 
Anyway, what will it take for you to be surrounded by wolves and to still think positively?  That’s the affirmation you want to create.  You want to tell yourself something that will build a fortress of beauty and resilience within.  Find that one phrase that you’ve been repeating to yourself, that phrase that is not serving you but injuring your spirit and re-write it.  Create it with wonderful words that resonate deeply within you.  Write it out.  Write it again and again.  Sit with it.  Let it seep deep within you and wait and notice.  One day you’ll look around and you’ll be amazed that your life is exactly the way you created it to be, it will be your best life.

Kind and Gracious

Affirmation:  I am kind and gracious to all people, especially those I love the most.
You’d think the second part of this affirmation isn’t relevant, wouldn’t you?  Of course, you’re kind and gracious to the people you love the most, but is that the way it really is?  I find I often take the people I love for granted.  They seem to be the ones who take the brunt of my bad moods.  I know they’ll forgive me.  Also, I have a few people in my life whom I love but who are a challenge to my intention.  I have to work extra hard to stay kind and gracious.
“Raymond” is a song by Brett Eldredge.  Have you seen it?  It truly is a wonderful tale.  He sings, “She calls me Raymond.”  The fellow telling the tale is a janitor in a nursing home.  There’s one lovely woman who thinks he’s her son.  She is obviously suffering from Alzheimer’s.  He never corrects her.  In fact, he sits with her, he does little things to care for her; he is kind and gracious to her.  It seems his goodness is simply a part of his nature.  I visit an Alzheimer’s unit once a month.  I’ve watched the people who work in this unit.  It takes a special person to care for people with this disease.  The first time I went, I wasn’t sure I’d ever go back.  I cry when I watch this video.  I think it gives me great solace that there are people like “Raymond” in the world.  It’s a wonderful example of unselfish caring.  I know it’s just a song but he represents all those people out there that care for those who cannot care for themselves and there are many, many amazing caregivers.  I wonder if they need an affirmation to remind them to be kind and gracious or if it’s simply a part of their demeanor, like the man portrayed in the video?


Affirmation: I am audacious.  I believe I have special gifts to share with the world.  I say “Yes, I Can.”
The first time the word audacious became part of my awareness was when I studied Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way.  She talks about how sometimes the only difference between a successful something and an unsuccessful something is all about how audacious the creator is.  Right after that chapter, I remember happening upon an art exhibit all made out of human hair.  It was a gallery exhibit, a private exhibition!  I found it repulsive but someone had decided it was art and had sponsored this artist.  That’s when I fully realized what it meant to be audacious.  Oh, it doesn’t have to be art.  It can simply be about life: taking a chance, stepping outside of our comfort zone.  I’m sure you have examples that come to mind.  How about some actors, comediennes or singers?  What about some of our politicians?  Oh, yea, audacious. 
So, it’s easy for me to stay small.  It’s easy to believe I’m just another human on this planet of billions but that doesn’t do anything for me or for anyone else.  There’s a wonderful poem by Marianne Williamson, called “Our Deepest Fear” about letting our light shine.  She says if we hide it, it helps no one and “if we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”
So, I decided to be audacious.  I am sure several in my circle would tell you it didn’t take much to push me to that place, but the truth is, it took a conscious decision.  I am getting older.  Life is going faster.  I don’t want to die or be dying and have too many regrets.  If I tell myself, I am audacious, I will try things I don’t believe I can do.  I will make life a great adventure, instead of letting it be mundane.  Yes, I Can.  Yes, I Will.  How about you?  Anything you’ve thought about putting out into the world?  Go for it!  Yes, You Can!

Pain & Suffering

Affirmation:  I have Miracles in my mouth.
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.  These are words from my husband.  I believe they are Buddhist in origin but he was the one to share this concept with me.
Right now we are in the second week of Advent, in case some of you haven’t noticed that it’s the Christmas season.  Christmas!  What emotions does that word stir in you?  I must admit, many times throughout the season, the one emotion I feel is panic.  But, I love the season.  I love the music, I love decorating the house (It looks so warm and inviting with the tree and the lights.), I love sharing stories via cards; I love buying gifts for my family and friends, I love the opportunity to give to some who are less fortunate than I.  I love the cold, because I snuggle in, wrap up, eat more soup.  I love preparing for the miracle of the season, Christmas day.
But, when I talk to others, the word “hate” has come up quite a lot with regard to this time of the year.  What do you think?  Is it OK to recognize that you hate something, to own that?  Is that different from dwelling on it, letting it affect your spirit, your whole being?  I wonder?  You don’t want to disregard how you feel about something but is it healthier, once you recognize it, to reframe it to something more positive?  And then, how do you do that?  What if this has been a horrible time for you in your life?  I’m sure you can all think of difficult experiences that have taken place at certain times of the year and you carry that in your memories and your cells.  But, can one turn that around?  Can you go from acknowledging the pain but eliminating the suffering?  How would one do that? 
What if every day you found one thing that brought you joy, one small thing and you let yourself absorb it?  If you could recognize the blessings that can come at this time, would you begin to feel better about the season?  If you felt better, would the suffering be less?  If you find the blessings, would that soften your heart towards that day of hope that is coming, very very soon? May you have a joy filled, blessed Advent and a miraculous Christmas.

Body Image

Affirmation:  I Love My Body.
Can you say it?  Can you believe it?  I must admit it’s quite a challenge.  Recently, someone asked me if I liked my body.  I said “no.”  Afterwards, I was so disappointed.  Here I’ve been affirming it for months but my gut reaction to the question  in no way reflected my goal. Not only am I am integral part of the American society with all the hang-ups presented to us through the media about the female image, I have also had quite a bit of pain, not to mention, cancer, throughout the years.  After talking to my chiropractor and re-evaluating how I visualized my body, I decided it was time to change my thinking and so, I came up with the above affirmation.  Oh, there’s much more to it.  I tell myself I am strong, resilient, flexible, powerful.  Any words that affirm this body  in a positive light.  When I took the time to closely examine how I could feel about my body, I realized I was only focusing on the negative and had totally neglected the positive aspects; like the fact that most of my body does not hurt, or that I have produced the miracle of three healthy children.  My body is a miracle unto itself.  I understand so little of how it operates but it does; most of it in good working order, miraculously. So, I am making a very conscious effort to value my body, to believe in its ability to heal itself, to be strong and healthy.  I believe it begins by loving it.


Affirmation: Time is my friend. 
Many years ago, I was waiting in a shop for service.  There was an older gentleman also waiting.  When the time came for the next customer, he motioned for me to go ahead of him.  I protested, even though I was in a hurry.  He insisted.  Then he said to me, “Time is my friend.”  This was my first affirmation and I have been writing it, reading it and saying it to myself ever since I began practicing positive affirmations.  I must say, it is one of my most challenging.  I try to live in “divine time,” as one of my friends calls it.  You know, where you simply go through your day knowing that everything will simply fall into place, not worrying about when I leave, when I arrive, if I’m late or early, but that’s a very rare event.  Most of the time I am struggling with getting it all in.  I want more time!  As I get older, I am finding time goes faster and faster.  Have you had that experience?  I mean, here it is the Christmas season and I can’t imagine where this year has gone.  I heard a poem once:  I woke up, turned my head and when I looked back, it was 30 years later.  I want more time, today and forever. 
I have another friend who lost her daughter to cancer and whose husband is now ill. One day she told me she knew we all had to die; she just didn’t expect life to go so fast.  We cried!  How do you make peace with that?  I know time is a man made tool.  I know there are all kinds of theories about how it doesn’t really exist; that it’s suppose to be more like a layer cake, once field lying over another.  I use to tell people “Time is not my friend.”  I read once, where a man from a tribe in a foreign land told an American: “You have so many watches, but no time.  We have no watches, but plenty of time.”  That’s how I want to feel, like I always have plenty of time.  I want to treasure each moment.  I don’t want to worry and rush about.  I don’t want to think about tomorrow, when I haven’t even gotten out of bed, today.  I hope that by believing time is my friend, life will be easier, richer, more joyful.  How do you make peace with time?  Can part of it be believing this life is not going to end, we will live on in another dimension, maybe one of those layers the physicists write about.  What about you?  Is time your friend or your enemy? What do you tell yourself?


Affirmation:  I am filled with hope, curiosity, and awe, a sense of adventure, gratitude and compassion.  Some qualities are emotional and some are traits.  Traits need to be developed and cultivated.  I think the ones in this affirmation represents the best of traits, the ones that I am working on cultivating.  This Thanksgiving was a great time to practice the trait of gratitude.  I believe most of us probably looked at our lives this weekend and truly felt a sense of gratitude for all we have.  A friend of mine recently returned from a volunteer trip to Ecuador.  The first thing she emailed to me was how grateful she was to be living in the United States.  But what about other days?  How often do you take the time to look at your everyday life and find the things you can be grateful for?  I have one friend who lists three things every evening before bedtime that she is grateful for.  I believe if we take the time to be thankful on a regular basis for even the small things, eventually we will be able to be thankful for all of our life experiences even the ones that at first may seem more like trials.  At least that’s my hope.
“When it gets dark enough, you can see the stars.”  said Charles A. Beard


Affirmation:  I am content. 
Well, there’s one I need help with.  It seems to be in my nature to look at what’s next.  Do you think it has anything to do with our society, with advertising?  Or, is it simply most people’s nature to be looking for more?  Sarah Susanka asks: “How do you know when it’s enough?”  I guess for me, that means how do I know I’ve got enough, done enough, seen enough?  Content.  How do you develop that quality? 
I visited an adult retirement community this morning.  It’s a very nice facility.  My mom lives in the independent living section.  I bring communion to both her building and the area that has assisted living and the Alzheimer’s unit.  I must admit I find it unsetltling.  I wonder what my old age will be like, if I have one.  For me, it truly tests my affirmation to let go of fear and to live in Faith.  There are many different personalities and I get to meet many of them.  But, one woman in particular captured my attention and admiration this day.  She wasn’t going anywhere for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday but she wasn’t the least bit angry or upset about it.  She told me she was very content with the way things are for her.  I asked her if she had a secret.  How did she maintain her positive attitude?  Would I be like her or would I be annoyed that my family had deserted me?  If there was a secret, I wanted to learn it.  She told me she placed her faith in God.  She believed in His care for her; that He loved her and let all the rest go.  “I am content.”  Every time I visit, I learn something I am sure will support me through this journey we call life.  Today I was gifted with the vision of someone who has found peace through her faith.  Peace!

Spiritual Being

Affirmation:  I am a spiritual being having a human experience!
Recently someone mentioned the Oprah segment about “John of God.”  I’ve been Tevoing Oprah’s last season because I thought she might have some really interesting segments and so I was able to go back and watch the program about this man who appears to be a healer.  He’s from Brazil.  I use the word “appears” because it was really very different from any experience I’ve ever had.  It was certainly completely removed from the parameters of Western medicine.  I’ve heard other stories about healers.  I’m sure you have too.  But, I’d never watched something like this.  If you get a chance, check it out.  I think she also has an article about it in this month’s magazine.  The thing that made the greatest impression on me was what the visiting American physician said at the end.  He spoke about it being a “life changing experience” for him.  He said after being with John of God (a name he does not use for himself) he believes we are so much more than we appear.  We are all very special.  We are all amazing beings, capable of wondrous things and there is so much we don’t understand and haven’t even touched the surface of.  I believe that too.  Affirmation:  “I am a spiritual being having a human experience!”  What would be different for you if you believed that?  Would you be more open to unexplained phenomena, to miracles, to a Higher Power’s influence?  Would it improve the quality of your life?  Do you think we are all capable of healings?  Do you think they happens everyday and we just don’t recognize them?


Affirmation:  I embrace change. 
Recently a group of friends and I had the opportunity to discuss change.  How do we deal with it?  What are our strategies?  Do we generally like it or are we resistant to it?  Of course, by the simple fact that we all like to have these esoteric type of discussions, you might be led to believe that we all embraced change at every opportunity.  Well, while we do seem to have more of a tendency to be open to new experiences than maybe some others, we found that we deal with changes differently, depending on what type of change it is.  I am sure you realize there are small changes in our lives and big changes; there are also changes we initiate and changes that are forced upon us.  Do you think it helps a person to examine their general reaction to change in case one is faced with something unexpected?  I decided that for the next few weeks, I would simply notice how I respond to change.  I feel we are faced with nothing but change; every moment is different than the last one.  Change is actually a constant in our lives; just look in the mirror, there is the proof.  Today, I’ve noticed that not one thing has gone according to my “plan.”  So it’s a perfect opportunity to see how I respond to making changes. Actually, it’s been a great day!  I headed out to visit a friend in the hospital.  She wasn’t in her room.  She was having a treatment done that would take several hours, so I decided to run an errand for my daughter.  I called her and she invited me to join her and her brother and his wife for their lunch hour.  Great!  The rest of the day has been filled with the same type of rescheduling but it’s all been really nice.  So, I guess for today, I’m fairly flexible with respect to change, I’m adaptable, and really, all that matters is today.  Don’t you think?