Beginning the Journey
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Beginning the Journey

How’s your self-talk going?  You know, all those things you say to yourself throughout your day.  Sometimes, you’re having the conversation when you’re alone.  Sometimes, you’re having the conversation when you’re with others and you’re not feeling comfortable, maybe you’re even feeling very uncomfortable.  What are the phrases you’ve adopted over the years?  “Boy, am I stupid.” or “I never get it right!” or “Wow, was that lame, or what?”  This blog is about changing the things you tell yourself.  You can do it.  Anyone can do it.  Why would you want to start saying positive things to yourself?  Will it make any difference?  Join me as we go on this journey.  We’ll take it one step at a time.  For today, just notice when your self-talk weakens you, makes you feel powerless, or useless.  Pay attention!  Notice.

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