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Affirmations can be divided into categories. How do you see your life? Do you think of it in terms of God, family and work? Maybe you think of it in terms of relationships, career and social? How about spiritual, physical and material? Some days, I divide my life into mind, body and spirit. Yes, some days. But however I divide up the affirmations, one aspect is always true. They are all about me. Most of my affirmations begin with the word “I.” Even when the focus is about relationships, they revolve around what I am trying to affirm with regard to MY relationships. Perhaps, it’s about valuing my friends, loving a difficult person, listening compassionately or giving generously of my time and talent. Maybe the affirmation is all about love: “I love unconditionally, non-judgmentally and non-graspingly.”  Yes, I’m working on improving the quality of my relationships but the focus is on me. And, isn’t that OK? It begins with me. If I can change myself for the better, won’t that help others? If you did the same thing, how would that change the world or at least your world?

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