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Affirmation:  I embrace change. 
Recently a group of friends and I had the opportunity to discuss change.  How do we deal with it?  What are our strategies?  Do we generally like it or are we resistant to it?  Of course, by the simple fact that we all like to have these esoteric type of discussions, you might be led to believe that we all embraced change at every opportunity.  Well, while we do seem to have more of a tendency to be open to new experiences than maybe some others, we found that we deal with changes differently, depending on what type of change it is.  I am sure you realize there are small changes in our lives and big changes; there are also changes we initiate and changes that are forced upon us.  Do you think it helps a person to examine their general reaction to change in case one is faced with something unexpected?  I decided that for the next few weeks, I would simply notice how I respond to change.  I feel we are faced with nothing but change; every moment is different than the last one.  Change is actually a constant in our lives; just look in the mirror, there is the proof.  Today, I’ve noticed that not one thing has gone according to my “plan.”  So it’s a perfect opportunity to see how I respond to making changes. Actually, it’s been a great day!  I headed out to visit a friend in the hospital.  She wasn’t in her room.  She was having a treatment done that would take several hours, so I decided to run an errand for my daughter.  I called her and she invited me to join her and her brother and his wife for their lunch hour.  Great!  The rest of the day has been filled with the same type of rescheduling but it’s all been really nice.  So, I guess for today, I’m fairly flexible with respect to change, I’m adaptable, and really, all that matters is today.  Don’t you think?

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