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Affirmation:  I am content. 
Well, there’s one I need help with.  It seems to be in my nature to look at what’s next.  Do you think it has anything to do with our society, with advertising?  Or, is it simply most people’s nature to be looking for more?  Sarah Susanka asks: “How do you know when it’s enough?”  I guess for me, that means how do I know I’ve got enough, done enough, seen enough?  Content.  How do you develop that quality? 
I visited an adult retirement community this morning.  It’s a very nice facility.  My mom lives in the independent living section.  I bring communion to both her building and the area that has assisted living and the Alzheimer’s unit.  I must admit I find it unsetltling.  I wonder what my old age will be like, if I have one.  For me, it truly tests my affirmation to let go of fear and to live in Faith.  There are many different personalities and I get to meet many of them.  But, one woman in particular captured my attention and admiration this day.  She wasn’t going anywhere for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday but she wasn’t the least bit angry or upset about it.  She told me she was very content with the way things are for her.  I asked her if she had a secret.  How did she maintain her positive attitude?  Would I be like her or would I be annoyed that my family had deserted me?  If there was a secret, I wanted to learn it.  She told me she placed her faith in God.  She believed in His care for her; that He loved her and let all the rest go.  “I am content.”  Every time I visit, I learn something I am sure will support me through this journey we call life.  Today I was gifted with the vision of someone who has found peace through her faith.  Peace!

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