Kind and Gracious
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Kind and Gracious

Affirmation:  I am kind and gracious to all people, especially those I love the most.
You’d think the second part of this affirmation isn’t relevant, wouldn’t you?  Of course, you’re kind and gracious to the people you love the most, but is that the way it really is?  I find I often take the people I love for granted.  They seem to be the ones who take the brunt of my bad moods.  I know they’ll forgive me.  Also, I have a few people in my life whom I love but who are a challenge to my intention.  I have to work extra hard to stay kind and gracious.
“Raymond” is a song by Brett Eldredge.  Have you seen it?  It truly is a wonderful tale.  He sings, “She calls me Raymond.”  The fellow telling the tale is a janitor in a nursing home.  There’s one lovely woman who thinks he’s her son.  She is obviously suffering from Alzheimer’s.  He never corrects her.  In fact, he sits with her, he does little things to care for her; he is kind and gracious to her.  It seems his goodness is simply a part of his nature.  I visit an Alzheimer’s unit once a month.  I’ve watched the people who work in this unit.  It takes a special person to care for people with this disease.  The first time I went, I wasn’t sure I’d ever go back.  I cry when I watch this video.  I think it gives me great solace that there are people like “Raymond” in the world.  It’s a wonderful example of unselfish caring.  I know it’s just a song but he represents all those people out there that care for those who cannot care for themselves and there are many, many amazing caregivers.  I wonder if they need an affirmation to remind them to be kind and gracious or if it’s simply a part of their demeanor, like the man portrayed in the video?

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