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Affirmation:   I know by meditating on Jesus throughout my day, I am in union with the Divine, miracles are created and without struggle my life will be transformed in ways beyond my imagination.
We are now in the season of Lent.  If you grew up with this concept, you know the first question most people are asked about their Lenten practice is,  “What are you giving up for Lent?”  For years, I gave up nothing.  I just didn’t see the purpose.  And then, I heard a homily on the advantage of developing self discipline, self denial and it made perfect sense to me why I would want to develop such a skill and so, I gave up things I really enjoyed like chocolate and wine.  But, I also found myself thinking maybe I’d drop a few pounds as a side benefit.  After a while, that seemed quite self-serving.  I think I was missing the point.  Now, I understand while it is a season of fasting and abstinence, it’s also a time to rest in the Lord, to take time to listen to His voice, to the voices of my Angels and Guides.  It’s a time to share those things that are truly precious to me; my time, talent and treasure.  It’s a time to plant some seeds and to tend to them so they may produce the flowers and fruits of love and joy.  Now, that is something that takes quite a bit of guidance.  What do I need to do to create a bountiful harvest?
Several years ago, Father Emmanuel from Africa gave the Ash Wednesday homily.  He had a very eastern approach to Lent.  He said he had watched our American culture take on more, do more, struggle more, during Lent and he wondered if maybe we shouldn’t consider “doing less.”  Doing less!!  Oh my, now there was a self discipline I might find very difficult to embrace.  I like to “do.”  I like to be busy, busy, busy.  I like to think I’m making a difference in the world.  I’m contributing; I’m making the world a better place to live.  And now, I am being challenged to do less. 
Well, I have accepted the challenge but along with it, I have decided that with my “free” time, I will pray more; I will listen harder.  I have decided that with these three steps in practice, I will open myself to God’s grace and will move forward in whatever direction I am led.  I’ve decided not to be in charge but am hoping that by focusing on my faith, on my relationship with Christ, I will be led to that place where it’s not up to me how I use my time, treasure and talent, but up to God and that with the guidance of my Angels and Guides in those quiet moments, I will be used as their instrument. 
This is my Lenten practice. 
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