Loving Life
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Loving Life

Affirmation:  I savor life.  I glory in life.  I love my life!

I love my life. 
I haven’t always felt that way but I wanted to feel that way and isn’t that what affirmations are for, to empower us to create our own reality?   I can remember very clearly the first time I heard someone say, “I love my job.”  I was a teacher in a rural middle school.  I already had one child and I’d been teaching for a few years.  The gentleman who spoke those words was the English chair of this very small school.  How much money could he have been making?  I knew that wasn’t the reason for his happiness.  I didn’t ask him why but over the years, I listened for others to say the same thing and I very rarely heard it.  How often have you heard such a declaration?  Then, one day many years later, I heard a woman say to me, “I love my life.”  She had shared with me in the past, how unhappy she was, so this time I asked her why.  She had made some very conscious choices and some very drastic changes.  She had moved to Italy, took up painting and dancing and fell in love with life.  Sure, if I moved to Italy or even went to visit for an extended period, like Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love maybe I would feel that way too.  But, maybe I could simply come up with an affirmation, affirming how I felt about my life.  Could that possibly work?  Could I change the way I felt about my life by simply stating “I love my life?”  Could you?  Well, I sure had nothing to lose and so, I created the affirmation.  I added a few other lines to cement the emotion.  And, I claimed it, I wrote it, I read it every morning.  Then, it happened.  I realized, I did love my life.  I have surrounded myself with love, love of God, family, friends.  My life is really cool and I feel wonderful about it.  This is what I believed happened.  By the power of my affirmation, I slowly began to change.  I became more conscious about my decisions, about what I chose to do and not to do, about who I chose to be with and who I did not want in my life.  The affirmation worked just like affirmations do.  It slowly permeated every fiber of my life and without struggle I was off “living in Italy” painting, dancing and loving my life. 

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