New Years Intention
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New Years Intention

It’s almost the new year.  Instead of a resolution, I set an intention.  It’s more effective and less intimidating.  I find it helpful when being introspective to have a list of words to which I can refer.  Since we’re working on positive affirmations I thought I’d share the list I have used for several yoga retreats I’ve facilitated.  It’s expanded with each sharing.  Please feel free to add your own.

Accomplished, Faithful, Hopeful, Humble, Empowering, Grateful, Connected, Integrated, Joyful, Direct, Discerning, Loving, Capable, Sense of Humor, Enlightened, Compassionate, Influential, Dedicated, Delightful, Dependable, Diligent, Devoted, Learner, Energized, Imaginative, Improver, Attentive, Daring, Facilitator, Family Oriented, Accepting, Free, Fun, Inventive, Laughs Easily, Aware, Sensitive, Tender, Honest, Articulate, Artistic, Courageous, Inquisitive, Instructor, Passionate, Sexy, Sensual, Present, Grace Filled, Careful, Beautiful, Healthy, Observing, Patient, Unique, Preserving, Vulnerable, Radiant, Refined, Adventurer, Satisfied, Educated, Calm, Content, Peaceful, Open-Minded, Transformative, Serene, Truthful, Perfect, Spontaneous, Thoughtful, Creative, Experienced, Leader, Teacher, Guide, Encouraging, Seeker, Trustworthy, Happy, Abundant, Planner, Visionary, Gentle, Soft, Triumphant, Understanding, Uplifting, Supportive, Prosperous, Contributor, Discoverer, Nurturing, Graceful, Glowing, Hearty, Hardy, Hottie, Playful, Fulfilled, Forgiving, Non-Judgemental, Non-Grasping, Chocolate-Filled, Dreamer, Questioning, Optimistic.

I know some are adjectives and some are nouns.  It shouldn’t matter, use them anyway that works for you. 

So, take a few quiet minutes and re-read the words.  You are looking for words that stir an emotion in you.  Don’t over analyze it.  Circle the ones that jump out at you.  Pick three or four from your list and write them down.  You can do this as many times as you like.  Let the sentence be a statement of how you want to perceive your life.  Write it in the present tense.  See how it sounds, see if it truly resonates with you.  Sometimes it’s the sentences we have trouble saying to ourselves that’s the most effective but for this exercise, just see if you can find a few words that make you feel positive about your life.
For example:  I am an accomplished, faithfilled, optimistic dreamer or I live a life filled with compassion, gratitude and peace.

Please share your new intention if you create one that you suits you.

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