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Today is your day to simply NOTICE.  To watch your self-talk and to make note of what you’re telling yourself.  It’s also helpful to notice your emotional state.  Sometimes, our emotions kick in and we’re not even aware of why.  What just happened that you reacted to and what are you saying to yourself at that moment?  What are you telling yourself when you’ve moved away from the situation?
Recently, I went for my first training session with a young man at my gym.  He seemed to be in quite a hurry.  He called me “sweetie” and at the end of a half hour, he indicated that we were done.  That was all I got for “free.”  He needed “to make a living.”  I didn’t expect the session to be free.  I actually thought I was buying an hour of time to fine-tune my workout.  When he walked away, I couldn’t tell you what I was feeling, but I knew what had just taken place didn’t feel good.  I waited a while and noticed it was my inclination to just let the whole episode go.  Why would I do that?  Because my self-talk over the years has been that I don’t like conflict.  I have also told myself that, I am not an assertive person.  Oh, yes, there have been many many incidents when I felt almost abused, but I didn’t fully recognize it at the moment and I didn’t feel empowered enough to stand up for myself.  One of my affirmations is: “I stand in my power.”  Another is:  “I am worthy, I am valuable, I am lovable.”  So, this time, I recognized that I had been badly treated and since I now tell myself that I am powerful and worthy, I went and spoke to him.  We resolved the issue which revolved around some mis-communication and he won’t be calling me “sweetie” any longer.

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