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Affirmation: The best is yet to come.
Actually, I think this affirmation needs tweaking and I welcome any feedback on it. 
I went to a seminar at my church a few years ago.  It was about aging with purpose.  I was surrounded by many in their seventies and several octogenarians.  When the lecture was over, one of the older women turned to me and asked me what I had taken from the speech.  I appreciated the question and I returned it.  I knew this lady.  I knew she lived alone, her only child lives in Europe with her grandchildren.  I knew she had experienced loss and health issues.  She answered, head high, I learned, “The best is yet to come.” 
Oh yes, I want to affirm that.  As the new year begins, I must confess, I can get caught up in the fear of the future, the fear of the unknown.  How different I feel when I face the year expecting “the best.” 
But, what is that?  Do I really want to live a live filled with no challenges?  Maybe. 
I think the life skill comes from being grateful for all of our experiences, the ones that we choose and the ones that choose us.  My conversation with my chiropractor and her assistant yesterday revolved around how we create our own reality.  I know this can be a dangerous thought, because we can blame ourselves for everything that happens to us and we might find ourselves blaming the victim which is not good.  I haven’t fully cleared this up in my thought process, so any insight would be welcomed but I do believe that to a large extent, we create our own reality, we manifest our destiny. 
I remember a cartoon many years ago showing a young girl filling in her calendar for the coming year.  Her mother was curious how she could do that and what she was putting in it.  She said she was putting down all the wonderful things that would be taking place.  That’s what I want to be doing.  I want to believe that this coming year will be filled with wonder and why wouldn’t it be?  All my years, even those that were the most challenging, have been filled with blessings and wonder.  It is true for as long as I can remember.  And, with that thought, I head into 2011 on this day 1-1-11 expecting only the best.  May your new year be filled with wonder and blessings in all things.

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