Reality Part II
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Reality Part II

Affirmation:  1. I embrace the blessings and grace that come to me through all of my experiences. 
2. I accept the blessings and wonders of my life with grace and fortitude. 
When I wrote about the affirmation, “The best is yet to come” and asked for feedback, the above affirmations are what I received.  Once again, I feel I am being led to be grateful for everything that takes place in my life.  What a lesson!  What a challenge! 
Today is 1/11/11.  I tell you this because I am fascinated by numbers in general and in this case, it seems so powerful.  Then, when I went back to read the original blog about Reality, I noticed it was posted on 1/1/11.  So, it seems very appropriate to expand on the topic on this numerically memorable day.  Am I the only one that is struck by this?  My husband told me that when we get to 2013 the date will never repeat for another century.   You will never have 13/13/13 etc.  I had never thought about that before.
But, I divert.  Probably because I am “iced in.”  The weather is horrid and tomorrow morning isn’t looking very  hopeful but if I am to embrace the blessings and grace that come to me through ALL of my experiences, I should be able to make peace with a day or two like this.  I mean, I live in a warm part of the country and this will only last a short while, compared to other areas but, again, should that matter?  If I’m embracing ALL of my experiences, it would be nice if I valued my days regardless of what else is going on.  It seems so easy for me to slip into the suffering side of my day, my life.  Me, someone who lives a life of abundant blessings.  Perhaps, what is needed is a reality check, just like this one.  If I were to list the things I am grateful for today, the list would be very long:  my health, the health of my husband and children and grandchildren, my mother’s well-being, a warm pretty place to live, enough food to eat, friends to nurture and to nurture me, entertainment at my fingertips.  And, with that list, I will even add an icy day or two.  A couple of days to slow down, take a nap, read, think, write.  I even made extra time to pray and to meditate. 
Yes, a reality check has turned my thinking around.  I do embrace the blessings and grace that come to me through ALL of my experiences.

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