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Affirmation:  I smile early, laugh daily and dance often.
It’s the day after Christmas.  I am very blessed because most of my family lives close by and we get to spend the holiday together.  I am also exhausted and feeling a little let down.  Not only that, but we now have 6 inches of snow outside and so, for those of us who live in the South, the world has stopped.  My husband was due to take his mother home today.  She has been here for a week.  I had plans to go to Mass and to run a few errands and to relish my time alone.  Perhaps, this affirmation should be the one about being flexible?  But, what I’m looking for here is a way to pick up my spirits.  I know I can suffer from holiday let-down and today it feels very present.   I read many years ago, that you can fool your body into feeling better by smiling. So, there are mornings I sit and journal with a smile on my face.  If I happen to look up and see myself in a mirror, that silly grin on my face improves my spirits,  Also, there’s a phenomena out there called “Laughing Yoga.”  Look it up on the Internet if you haven’t seen it before.  So, on mornings like this, or days like this, I am smiling.  It hasn’t kicked in yet but I’m sure it will, perhaps after I have a strong cup of tea and find my favorite book and take some quiet time to count my blessings, again.

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