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Affirmation:  I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

Why would this be an affirmation?  Is this something that would resonate with you?  Would it make your life any richer, any easier?  For me, believing that I am spirit inhabiting a human form gives me a sense of immortality and being a cancer survivor, immortality has a nice ring to it.  Actually, just aging makes the idea of immortality more attractive. 
One day when I was journaling, I searched for several yellow markers in varying hues and found myself drawing.  I seldom draw but I just knew I needed to get this on paper, this concept that had come to me.  I drew a circle of yellow and then rays of gold and brighter yellow coming out from the center and then I placed an outline of myself in the middle of all the light placing my heart right in the center of the brightest part of the drawing.  When I finished, I knew this was a representation of how I really am.  I am energy, I am spirit.  It is larger than me but it radiates from me.  I take the concept with me every day when I head out into the world and I share it readily and eagerly with most of those that I meet as I go through my day.  Can you visualize this?  It comforts me.  It makes me feel generous and compassionate.  Hopefully, it helps me stay in touch with that which is truly important and helps me let go of the mundane. 
I think we have always been and will always be.  And, because I am spirit, I can tap into those unimaginable qualities that are available to spirit, all those miracles and graces that are generously infused into spirit.  It’s a meditation.  Sometimes I forget but I don’t think that matters.  I think the most important thing is that I have recognized it and own it. 
One of my desires in life is to connect with spirit and let it direct my life.  The Pink Ribbon Yoga Retreat has been an example of that process.  Truly, I was directed by spirit to put my idea out into the universe and once it was out there, spirit led it to its fruition and has been blessing it ever since, blessing it and all those who are associated with it.
That’s how I’d like every day to be, lived in the spirit.  I begin the day with prayer.  I pray throughout the day with small ejaculations and deep breaths and I end my day, the very old fashioned way, with some traditional prayers.  I make an effort to stay connected, connected to God, to my Guardian Angel and to my guides.  I imagine them all being pleased that I have taken the time and made the effort to spend time with them, to continually keep them in my mind and my heart.  I don’t think they’d respond any differently than my loved ones when I treat them with consideration and thoughtfulness.  I have a mediation tape I used for chemotherapy that says just that, “Remember, we are always here.  It is you who comes and goes.”  So, I try not to go to far from all that support and guidance. 
If we truly are spirit in a human form, think of all the spirits that are surrounding us, encouraging us, supporting us.  They are helping us to recognize our true selves, to dream wonderful dreams and to support us in our desire to make not only ourselves better but to reach out into the world and to make that better.  It sounds nurturing to me.  It makes my life easier and richer and hopefully helps the lives of all those I touch as I go though my day.
The light in me salutes the light in you.  Namaste.
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