Spiritual Being
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Spiritual Being

Affirmation:  I am a spiritual being having a human experience!
Recently someone mentioned the Oprah segment about “John of God.”  I’ve been Tevoing Oprah’s last season because I thought she might have some really interesting segments and so I was able to go back and watch the program about this man who appears to be a healer.  He’s from Brazil.  I use the word “appears” because it was really very different from any experience I’ve ever had.  It was certainly completely removed from the parameters of Western medicine.  I’ve heard other stories about healers.  I’m sure you have too.  But, I’d never watched something like this.  If you get a chance, check it out.  I think she also has an article about it in this month’s magazine.  The thing that made the greatest impression on me was what the visiting American physician said at the end.  He spoke about it being a “life changing experience” for him.  He said after being with John of God (a name he does not use for himself) he believes we are so much more than we appear.  We are all very special.  We are all amazing beings, capable of wondrous things and there is so much we don’t understand and haven’t even touched the surface of.  I believe that too.  Affirmation:  “I am a spiritual being having a human experience!”  What would be different for you if you believed that?  Would you be more open to unexplained phenomena, to miracles, to a Higher Power’s influence?  Would it improve the quality of your life?  Do you think we are all capable of healings?  Do you think they happens everyday and we just don’t recognize them?

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