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Affirmation: Time is my friend. 
Many years ago, I was waiting in a shop for service.  There was an older gentleman also waiting.  When the time came for the next customer, he motioned for me to go ahead of him.  I protested, even though I was in a hurry.  He insisted.  Then he said to me, “Time is my friend.”  This was my first affirmation and I have been writing it, reading it and saying it to myself ever since I began practicing positive affirmations.  I must say, it is one of my most challenging.  I try to live in “divine time,” as one of my friends calls it.  You know, where you simply go through your day knowing that everything will simply fall into place, not worrying about when I leave, when I arrive, if I’m late or early, but that’s a very rare event.  Most of the time I am struggling with getting it all in.  I want more time!  As I get older, I am finding time goes faster and faster.  Have you had that experience?  I mean, here it is the Christmas season and I can’t imagine where this year has gone.  I heard a poem once:  I woke up, turned my head and when I looked back, it was 30 years later.  I want more time, today and forever. 
I have another friend who lost her daughter to cancer and whose husband is now ill. One day she told me she knew we all had to die; she just didn’t expect life to go so fast.  We cried!  How do you make peace with that?  I know time is a man made tool.  I know there are all kinds of theories about how it doesn’t really exist; that it’s suppose to be more like a layer cake, once field lying over another.  I use to tell people “Time is not my friend.”  I read once, where a man from a tribe in a foreign land told an American: “You have so many watches, but no time.  We have no watches, but plenty of time.”  That’s how I want to feel, like I always have plenty of time.  I want to treasure each moment.  I don’t want to worry and rush about.  I don’t want to think about tomorrow, when I haven’t even gotten out of bed, today.  I hope that by believing time is my friend, life will be easier, richer, more joyful.  How do you make peace with time?  Can part of it be believing this life is not going to end, we will live on in another dimension, maybe one of those layers the physicists write about.  What about you?  Is time your friend or your enemy? What do you tell yourself?

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