True Dreams
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True Dreams

Affirmation:  I live a life filled with love:  love of Christ, love of myself, family, friends, community and country. 
The question  in Sarah Susanka’s end of the year review in The Not So Big Life is, “If I could sum up all my desires and longings into one simple statement, spoken from the highest aspect of myself, what would it be?” And so, for 2011, this affirmation is my intention.  What generally happens after I set such an intention is that my affirmations develop to support the intention.  I’m not passively waiting for love to surround me or as my friend said, “You’re not simply sitting on the throne waiting for your adoring subjects to love you.”  I mean questions arise.  How will this happen?  True, it might just “happen” because I have created the intention.  My experience is that simply putting it into writing and sending it out into the universe, has a power beyond my comprehension.  And, actually that’s what Sarah recommends.  She tells you to put it away and take it out in a year and see what has happened.  I set an intention like this for last year too.  But, it sat at the top of my affirmation sheet.  I read it every day and as time passed, I tweaked it.  I examined what it meant for me to love and be loved.  What did I have to change or improve upon?  I must admit some days I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the love that fills my life.  My greatest challenge is accepting it.  But, that too is something I am affirming. 
I am lovable, I am worthy, I do well.

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