Your Best Life
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Your Best Life

Affirmation:  My life is Joy filled, Miracles occur, Love surrounds me and permeates every aspect of my existence.
I know that there have been times in my life, that when asked how I envision my best life, it would have revolved around my body shape, how much money I had and if I had a place at the beach!  Oh, I can still obsess over my body, not so much what the shape is any longer, but how it’s feeling from day to day.  I can still be concerned about my income and my outgo and, I love to be at the beach.  But, when I take the time to notice what truly makes my life richer, it has nothing to do with things.  It’s all about inner peace and happiness.  It’s all about my spirit.  How I feel about what’s happening to me, not about what’s taking place.  There will always be challenges in our lives, for as long as we live but how we perceive those challenges is what really matters. 
I’m reading Joyce Meyer’s book about Power Thoughts.  She has a great story about two young men who head out to capture wolves.  They can get $500 for each wolf they bring back alive.  They don’t find any and fall asleep.  When they awaken, they are surrounded by a pack of hungry, drooling wolves.  One of the young men says to the other “Hey, wake up, we’re rich!”  It made me smile.  Oh sure, he was probably eaten along with his friend but I’d like to think he died happy. 
Anyway, what will it take for you to be surrounded by wolves and to still think positively?  That’s the affirmation you want to create.  You want to tell yourself something that will build a fortress of beauty and resilience within.  Find that one phrase that you’ve been repeating to yourself, that phrase that is not serving you but injuring your spirit and re-write it.  Create it with wonderful words that resonate deeply within you.  Write it out.  Write it again and again.  Sit with it.  Let it seep deep within you and wait and notice.  One day you’ll look around and you’ll be amazed that your life is exactly the way you created it to be, it will be your best life.

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